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Can I change at the venue?
Yes, you are welcome to come in whatever mode you like and change at the venue. We have a room set apart for people who wish to do this.
Is there a dress code?
No, there is no dress code. Please dress as you feel comfortable. All we ask is that your choice of clothing is suitable for a family event: please do not wear fetish or over-revealing clothing.
Does it matter what gender I choose to come as?
No, please come dressed as whatever gender you prefer.
Is there a structure to the evening?
Surrey Transgender Support Group is an informal event. We have a rough structure to help facilitate helpful discussions about transgender and other related issues: there is no requirement to contribute or take part if you choose not to do so.

Our rough structure is:

  • 1st hour: general socialising and opportunity to change (if you need/want to)
  • 2nd hour: discussion time
  • 3rd & 4th hours: general social time
Can I bring friends and family?
Yes, friends and family would be very welcome at our events.
Is this a ‘play’ event?
Definitely not! Surrey Transgender Support is a social event to which friends and family are welcome.

(‘Play' in this context refers to sexual or physical encounters: those engaging in such activity will be asked to leave.)
Are food and drink available?
We serve light refreshments: typically our food is homemade (where possible). We do not serve alcoholic drinks.
How much does it cost?
The event is free; however, we welcome voluntary donations to cover the costs of running the event.
Is the venue private?
Yes, the event takes places in a secure gated venue; entry is via a telephone entry system.
I am nervous about attending: do you offer a meet and greet service?
Yes, if you are nervous about walking in by yourself, please contact us from the car park, and we will come out and meet you.
Can I smoke or vape?
Yes: the designated area is by the main gate. Please use flower pots provided for cigarette butts.

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