Richard Higham


Richard Higham

My initial contact with the transgender world came while I was recovering from injury. I was sent to Kent Police HQ to research new legislation and developed a training package; part of the new law related to dealing with transgender suspects and prisoners (at the time I was a custody sergeant).

This interest was rekindled over the last 36 months. I am a regular attendee at transgender events and meet transgender ladies scene socially on other occasions, including tea/coffee, pubs, meals out, visits to museums, historic houses and castles, and even shopping!

I'm pleased to say that I have developed many friendships with transgender ladies and others involved in the transgender scene. I'm a keen photographer. I'm delighted that many of my photographs have appeared as various profile pictures on transgender websites and have been published in Transliving Magazine.

Alexis Hamilton

Vice Chair

Alexis Hamilton

I am a trans-female with a long history of gender dysphoria, who is currently exploring transitioning to my chosen gender. I have a long-held passion for supporting people experiencing similar issues and recognising the vital necessity of friendship and encouragement.

Like many trans-girls, I love having my photograph taken. I have a mix of favourite styles but especially like the rock-chick, leather look. This suits one of two of my other passions: motorbikes and rock music! I also enjoy socialising and am a regular at many trans-events, such as Big Night Out at Pink Punters in Milton Keynes.

Claire Kinsella


Claire Kinsella

I am a married mum with 5 children. Our eldest son (who was assigned female at birth) came out as trans in 2017. It’s been a privilege to be part of his journey and see him thrive with his transition.

I am also a registered general nurse and have experience of working in trans healthcare. I joined Surrey Transgender Support (STS) in November 2019 and love being part of such a supportive group of people. I am always humbled by attendees’ stories and the courage shown. I am very excited to be involved with STS as the group evolves and develops and am passionate about supporting the trans community.

I am also starting my own service to assist with medical queries, administer prescribed injections and take blood samples. For more information I am available at our monthly meetings, or contactable via

Farrah Fitzgerald


Farrah Fitzgerald

I'm "Farrah", a very "happy" cross-dresser who has dressed on an ad-hoc basis over the decades, having been introduced to its delights when given the role of "Mother" in the school play at prep school.

Having found out about the fantastic Surrey Transgender Support group last summer just as it was starting off, I have become a regular attendee at the enjoyable monthly social get-togethers at The Therapy Gardens at Normandy.

Along with the other well-known monthly social events at Worthing (InGirlMode) and Milton Keynes (BNO at Pink Punters), the STS provides me with the social opportunity to get professionally made up. It is always an absolute treat toget dressed up and go out and let "Farrah" - an integral part of my psyche and soul - to come out in all her femininity, finery and style and to be amongst her good friends for a few special hours each month.

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